Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Biggest Hearts Come in the Smallest Packages!

The Biggest Hearts Come in the Smallest Packages!

I was brought to tears last week because I was lucky enough to witness an amazing act of pure love and kindness.  All coming in the form of a sweet group of 6 year olds.

It was just another day of the typical morning rush to get to school… busy with lots of other parents trying to get their kids to the school yard before the bell rang to go inside.  My son Justin often has a hard time with this as it’s sensory overload for him… screaming kids playing in the yard, a ton of parents hanging out to watch their kids go inside the school once the bell rings, that overall hum that gives even myself a headache never mind Justin who is on the spectrum which makes everything heightened… aka. sensory overload.

Then of course when the bell rings, the panic that he has to leave mommy.  Tears come to his eyes, grasping at my arm… “Please mommy, don’t go!  I want to go home!”  The standard line is said to me which even after 2 years doesn’t get any easier to hear.  I tell him that he’s fine and is going to have so much fun with his friends!  Hugging him, quick kiss and then trying to pry off his hands off my arm.

Then a small, little bundle of Joy by the name of Pierson comes over to Justin and said “It’s okay Justin, let’s go inside”  as he put his arm around Justin’s back and tried to help him feel comfortable.  It stopped me in my tracks, such a kind, sweet, innocent, loving boy.  No judgment, nothing but pure love for my son who was having a hard time.

I thanked Pierson, holding back my own tears and told Justin to go have fun with Pierson.  As he went in Pierson kept his tiny arm around Justin’s back all the while reassuring him that it was okay.  About 4 other kids joined Pierson in the hallway all saying hi to Justin and telling him that it was okay.

I cannot express how comforting it was as a parent to see how kind kids can be!  I’m not sure what happens to us as we grow up, but if only we could follow the beautiful example that not only Pierson but Justin’s entire Grade 1 class has shown towards my son.  They don’t understand Autism, but what they do get is he’s just a boy who’s upset and needs some love and kindness to help him along and that’s just what they gave him!

Please stop and think before judging someone who’s having a hard time, bad day, etc.  We all need to be as kind as these 6 year olds they’re such a blessing!

XO ~ Kara

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Don't Be THAT Guy!

Don’t be “That Guy”…..

Please don’t be “That Guy”… the guy who’s uncomfortable with anything outside of what he knows, his own bubble… his comfort zone…

Don’t be “That Guy”…. The one who rolls his eyes, or makes an inappropriate joke about someone who he simply doesn’t understand just because he’s uncomfortable with someone who’s not “normal”…

YES YOU!  I’m talking to YOU!!!  Don’t be that guy… who makes fun of someone who’s socially awkward.  Don’t be someone who’s too ignorant to get to know them or understand them… JUST DON’T BE THAT GUY!

Why?  Because you’re the one who’s going to lose, the one who’s going to have a life less full and the one who’s going to act cool, but is totally uncomfortable in your own skin…

If there’s someone who comes into your life, either for a second, minute, or more who’s not “Typical or Normal”… you should STOP and think how lucky YOU are to have met them…. DON’T BE THAT GUY who makes fun of people who aren’t like you… You should be kissing their feet…. Because they are so much better then you!

They are my son, family, friends, strangers and anyone who’s living their life with Autism (ASD)… they are angels on earth sent here to show us… AKA “That Guy” what life is really about… LOVE, PASSION, UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE, GRACE and more…  My son is the one that you’re laughing at because you’re uncomfortable to go outside what you know, your bubble to understand that there’s a whole other world out there.  One that is so much better, loving, peaceful, and AMAZING!

DON’T BE THAT GUY… you’re the only one who’s losing….

I am NOT “That Guy”… I am someone who’s living with an angel, my son… he’s shown me so much more than “That Guy” ever could… he’s always happy, loving and seeing the joy in the smallest of things… he’s perfect, he’s not “That Guy”…

Autism is a social and communication disorder… NOT something to be scared of, or too cool for… It’s just not cookie cutter or the norm.… But if "That Guy" is the norm then please don't let me be him!  Live your life with love, joy and peace.  Open your eyes to a whole new world of acceptance and understanding as it will be you who will win!!

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